Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Romance

Backed by popular demand, we have recreated a series of these rings.
Simple yet sweet!
Rings are adjustable and comfortable to wear.

GreyRose - Diameter 10mm (R01) - RM15

Yellow Chrissy - Diameter 10mm (R02) - RM15

Pink Sakura - Diameter 20mm (R03) - RM18

Chrissy in yellow (R04)

Chrissy in red (R05)

Chrissy in purple (R06)

Diameter of flower: approx 22mm

RM20 each

Black rose (R07) - RM18

Black rose with gold filigree (R08) - RM20 (SOLD)

Diameter of flower: approx 20 mm

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