Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cufflinks galore!

Need to jazz up a boring plain shirt yet maintaining a corporate image?
Express your individuality with these cufflinks that comes with wordings extracted from a vintage dictionary.
Perfect for dog lovers!
Product code: C10 (SOLD)
Tile measurement: 1.8cm*2cm

Looking forward to karaoke moments after work?

Vintage wordings: Artist_Sing

Product code: C11 (SOLD)

Tile measurement: 1.8cm*2cm

RM35 /pair

Vintage wordings: Sweet spell

Product code: C12
Tile measurement: 1.8cm*2cm

Vintage wordings: Believe_ faith

Product code: C13 (SOLD)
Tile measurement: 1.8cm*2cm

All cufflinks are handmade with scrabble tiles and sealed with a shiny coat. They are water resistant but not water proof. To ensure a long lasting shine, do wipe off with a dry tissue/cloth immediately in case of water contact .

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