Sunday, January 3, 2010

Floral cufflinks

Who says girls don't wear cufflinks?
Here are some pretty cufflinks made just for ladies....well, we don't discriminate!
Men (Metrosexual) can wear them too :)
These wearable art are handmade from scrabble tiles and sealed with a shiny coat. Artwork are done by graphic designers from various countries. Hurry, limited pieces available as all these are handmade!

*P/S: Cufflinks are water resistant but not water proof. To ensure a long lasting shine, do wipe off with a dry tissue/cloth immediately in case of water contact .

Bright japanese peony (right) - Product code: C14

Abstract japanese peony (left) - Product code: C15

Tile measurement: 1.8cm*2cm

Emerald fleur 1 (right): Product code C06


(20% discount from normal price due to slight imperfection - small bubble in the centre of tile)

Emerald fleur 2 (left): Product code: C07

RM35/pair (SOLD)

Tile measurement: 1.8cm*2cm

Emerald fleur 3 (left) - Product code: C08 (SOLD)

Emerald fleur 4 (right) - Product code: C09

Tile measurement: 1.8cm*2cm


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